Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Small Distro Update

New CS's in from Blotter & GAG. Two tapes you most definitely need to pick up whilst you get the chance. I "did" have a fair amount of these in... but a load went out this past weekend at Mongrel so don't hang around if you fancy one, as I doubt there be up for long. Also got a bunch of the flawless 7" from TX's Back To Back out on Lockin Out Records, by far one of my favorite 7"s from the past year.  

More distro stuff will hopefully be up online in short time, with news on future releases on the lable. Blind Authority hit the studio to record the 7" in a few weeks time which will be out with plent of time for their euro tour in July. 



Thursday, 30 January 2014

Mongrel Fest Two

Mongrel Fest II is getting closer & closer by the day, be sure to mark your calender for the 1st of March. Last years fest was by far the best show of 2013 for me, all the mates, a showcase of all the best bands the UK has to offer, no bullshit attitudes and just plan & simple goofing around. This years fest is poised to be x10s better with an incredible lineup, filled with bands from all over the globe, UK, EU & USA all joining as one & representing on the motherland.

The fest was also "aimed" to be the release show for the forthcoming No Future 7" from Blind Authority, BUT with a few hiccups here & there and delayed dates for recording, thats no longer the case... However they will have copies of that live promo tape up in the store, and probably a new shirt or something. Their busy booking a summer euro tour and we will have the 7" out for then.



Event Details 

Flyer by Nicolas Poliss




We have also be treated to the announcement of a pre-show the night before the main event. The show will feature my toonarmy boyo's in Control, who dropped a cassette late on last year on Self Acceptance and joined up by UK greats Violent Reaction, The Burley Boys, Fade & Youth Avoiders! It's being held at the recently created DIY space in Sheffield "The Lughole", this place looks the fucking dogs! Don't miss this!

To close, this whole Mongrel movement absolute kills it! Hats off to them all for knocking together such a flawless few days of events & producing some of the best bands the UK's seen in recent times. It shall be quite the spectacle! Don't mess around, you know what to do!

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Distro Update / No Future Promo Tapes

One of the UK's best new additions Blind Authority are currently in the recording stages for their upcoming 7" No Future, which will be be available through SA spring 2014. The release of the 7" has come a little delayed to what they wanted and with a bunch of new shows coming up, we thought it would be cool to get a couple of the tracks from it up online & available physically on a promo tape. The tape features live set recordings of three new tracks from the 7", (well ones an intro, but still).

The songs were recorded back on their 2013 UK tour with Poder Absoluto at their Glasgow show with Dread. Go pick one up from the store. http://selfacceptancerecords.bigcartel.com/ 

Now onto some distro news...
Over the recent holiday break, I decided that I really wanted to start stocking more titles in the distro for 2014. So I have done my best to get in a solid selection of all kinds of formats & variety up in the store. I'm still waiting on a few things to arrive and some others I'm trying to sort out, but bellow is the list of whats currently up in the store & then some stuff thats on its way. On the top of the top notch stuff in there!

- BREAKDOWN - Running Scared LP
- GLUE - Demo 7“
- PESADILLA DISTOPIKA - No Hay Ninguna Manera De Eskapar 7”
- OBLITERATION - War Is Our Destiny 7"
- THE PACK - Running With The Pack 7"
- PURE DISGUST - Demo Tape

- THE ABUSED - Loud And Clear LP (re-issue, 2nd press)
- OBLIVIONATION - Language of Violence LP
- PRISONER ABUSE- s/t LP (2nd press)
- OUT COLD - A Heated Display LP
- BACK TO BACK - Flesh & Bone 7”
- OMEGAS - NY Terminator 7”
- OBLIVIONATION - Cult of Culture 7"
- THE NUKES - Fascist Perverts7"
- PEACEBREAKERS- Everydays a Battle 7” (hopefully...)
- BLOTTER - Demo Tape
- OCCUPATION - Demo Tape

If anybody wants anything saving or is going to a show they think I'll be at in the coming weeks, hit me up here selfacceptancerecords@gmail.com and i'll sort you.


Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Blind Authority - No Future 7"

Blind Authority is making a swifty return to the new year with their debut 7" - NO FUTURE.
This marks the first vinyl release from the band along with the first on Self Acceptance and on a personal level, I couldn't be more excited to be involved & helping them out again. Expect nothing short of them to produce some of the most aggressive & raw hardcore punk tracks, you shall hear come out of the UK in 2014.

The 7" comes as the follow up to their more than well received 2013 demo, and well... after hearing some rough mixes of the new tracks to come, I can tell you that this new stuff knocks the demo straight off that bad boy block. No Future will feature 4 new back to back slammers, along with a new intro (that once heard) you will have to reflect upon your life's existence....seriously! (if not, you shall spontaneously combust!)

Initially anticipated to be out in time for the upcoming Mongrel Fest 2, of which is taking place in Sheffield - March 1st... However, whether or not that happens is still a little up in the air as it stands. That's basically due to recording dates and so getting pushed a little back, but hoepfuly it will all work out. Failing that and as mentioned before, a live promo tape for No Future will be going up in the store in a week or so's time, and will feature 2 of the said new tracks & that intro. Check back here then for that!

The band still have a few shirts left over from their recent UK tour with Poder Absoluto back late on last year up in their big cartel, go pick one up and help 'em out. blindauthority.bigcartel.com/

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Blind Authority Live Promo Tape

Blind Authority have gone and whacked up a live promo for two new tracks & an intro from the forthcoming 7" - "No Future" on their bandcamp page. The live recordings will be available on promo tape from the store sometime soon. The 7" itself will be available March 2014 // Mongrel Fest II  (record release show)

Photo credit - Marina